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Body of Work:
Schiff House
90 Woodland/Darling House

Richard Neutra was born in Vienna in 1892. He graduated in 1917 from the Technische Hochschule, Vienna, where he was taught by Adolf Loos, and was influenced by Otto Wagner. He worked for Erich Mendelsohn in 1921-22 and in 1923 emigrated to the U.S to work with Frank Lloyd Wright, whom he greatly admired and with whom he worked for about four months in 1924-1925.  Neutra’s horizontal floor plans and relation to nature derive from Wright. He collaborated on several projects with Rudolf N. Schindler before establishing his own practice. Neutra created a modern regionalism for Southern California which combined a light metal frame with a stucco finish to create a light effortless appearance. An experienced and outspoken writer and speaker, Neutra worked with a series of successful partners including his wife, Dione, from 1922, architect Robert Alexander, from 1949-58 and his son, Dion, from 1965. He adamantly believed that modern architecture must act as a social force in the betterment of mankind. Neutra died in Wuppertal, Germany in 1970.



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