66 Clearly Court

Jones & Emmons
Cathedral Hill, San Francisco
Building Type:
Multi-family Residential
66 Cleary Court, San Francisco, CA
Current Name:
66 Clearly Court
Current Use:
Multi-family Residential
Current Condition:
Not Listed
Not Listed
Originally planned as one of four high-rise apartment buildings, on Cathedral Hill that along with the Laguna Heights low-rise apartments on the opposite side of Cleary Court, comprised Eichler’s contribution to the urban renewal project known as the Western Addition, this slender slab apartment building was designed by the firm of A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons. The building contains 150 units on fifteen floors and three lower levels for parking. Each unit has a terrace or balcony and eight-inch-thick load-bearing walls that help deaden sound from one unit to another. 66 Cleary Court was a proving ground for the economy of reinforced, cast-in-place, load-bearing walls over the more standard column-and beam rigid frame construction. The development cost was a challenge for Eichler’s company, so the Laguna Heights buildings were built and sold first to help fund the construction of the high-rise, which was initially a rental property. The design of 66 Cleary Court is notable for its economy, abundant glazing and clear structural expression. In terms of urban design, the building defines a sheltered space for the Laguna Heights complex to the south and its lean, rectangular form is a foil for the St. Mary’s Cathedral on axis with Cleary Court.



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